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Grammy Award Winner...
...The Most Recorded Drummer In History
The Hits - Vol. 1 - John JR Robinson
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1. “Quincy”-Netflix

2. Great Performances

    “Salute To The Grammys” PBS

3. Quincy Jones Concert-12/9 BET

4. Sheléa PBS Special TBT

5. Fernando Varela Cocnerts

    11/3-5 Orlando, FL

6. London Drum Show 11/10-11

7. Keith Moon Tribute 11/10

8. Clinic at The Drum Depot

    Cardiff 11/12

9. Clinic PMT Birmingham 11/13

10. Clinic BIMM School/Nicko McBrain

      Manchester 11/14

11. Clinic BIMM School London 11/15

12. MD for Quincy Jones JBLFest

      Omnia Club, Las Vegas

13. David Foster Blue Note Tokyo


14. NFL Themes on NBC

15. “AHAB” movie SDTK

John JR Robinson: The Time Machine DVD

When David Foster says you are one of his favorite drummers and Quincy Jones says you are his favorite drummer, you are in a class of your own. John JR Robinson has played on records that have sold well over 300 million copies. As one of the busiest studio musicians in history, his concept of time, feel, groove, and style has earned him the title of The Time Machine. These elements are explained in detail, along with amazing performances with John's band Native Son, made up of world class musicians. This incredible DVD also covers aspects of tuning, miking, technique, and playing with a click track. As JR explains these subjects that are the most important part of a drummers' career, you will see why he has gained the reputation of...The Time Machine. 

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John JR Robinson would like to thank all the companies
he endorses for tremendous support during these
especially challenging times:
Axis Percussion, Blue Mics, DW, Jerry Harvey,
Innovative Percussion , LP, Paiste, Porter and Davies,
SlapKlatz, REMO, & Zoom Cameras.

John JR Robinson drumming with Lady Gaga!


MUSIC by Tom Scott, John JR Robinson and Nathan East.

JR: The Time Machine DVD
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