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Grammy Award Winner...
...The Most Recorded Drummer In History
March Madness - John JR Robinson
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"I'm at peace with myself. The main thing is not letting people dictate what I do or what I am." -Magic Johnson
How do you stay motivated and inspired?

"My church is American Football. I’m an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan because I’m from near there. I support the team and I go over to games, which is a long way from Los Angeles. When the fall comes in here, it’s football season. That motivates me and keeps me inspired, in other
words I don’t live and breathe music 24/7. I need a break because I’m always playing music and it’s nice to be able to have a balance, you know, more of a meditation time or whatever it takes. It’s the same
with family – I try to have all these aspects that gives me clear-cut direction. I have a bicycle and a basketball – I don’t play as good as
I used to but with my son turning seven he keeps me on my toes. I
was a baseball coach for him for a second and maybe I’ll become
a basketball coach." -JR 
Celebrity Fight Night!
JOR & Loren
Jack & JR
John JR Robinson
John JR Robinson
Creston, Iowa Panthers -1973
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