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Grammy Award Winner...
...The Most Recorded Drummer In History

John JR Robinson got his musical start in Creston, Iowa, where

he was born in 1954. Both of JR’s parents wanted him to be involved in

music, so at the age of 5 came the piano, drums at 8, and JR started his

first band at the ripe old age of 10. JR credits his drumming chops to

having great teachers early on. At 14 he began playing with the Iowa

Big Band, that was located in SW Iowa near Creston. During his high

school years he was both an athlete and a drummer - fortunately he

picked the correct career choice. After graduation he emigrated to

Boston and the Berklee School of Music, playing in both small

groups and big bands.

Kevin Clemens, JR, Tony Sedden
JR & Kevin Clemens - 1965
Kevin Clemens, JR, Mark Davis
John JR Robinson
JR w/Quiet Explosion
Creston, Iowa Panthers - 1973
John JR Robinson - 1972
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