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Grammy Award Winner...
...The Most Recorded Drummer In History

Killer Grooves by Carl Fischer


Devised by Carl Fischer's President, Sandy Feldstein,

Killer Grooves is the coffee table book you can play.

A fan's book, a drummer's, Killer Grooves is the

hippest new drum book in years.

Each drummer who contributed, a who's who of the best

players from the jazz, pop, and rock world's, is represented

by a two-page spread that includes a brief biography,

photographs and a personal quote that is often an insightful

look at the player's musical philosophy. There is also a logo

for each product or product line the player endorses.

Killer Grooves is the ultimate guide to today's variety of drumming styles, a virtual encyclopedia of grooves by the

best-known players (Including JR) in the world and the

most talked about, anticipated drum book of the year!

Sticks 'n' Skins by Jules Follett

Discover the heartbeat of music in this 560 page full color

coffee table book. Sticks 'n' Skins is dedicated to late drumming photographer Lissa Wales and opens with a tribute to her work. Illuminating the eclectic world of drumming over the past 70 years, the book features never-before-seen photos and stories

of legendary artists including John JR Robinson (Michael Jackson), Louie Bellson (Benny Goodman), Steve Gadd (Paul Simon), Jim Keltner (Bob Dylan), Hal Blaine (Elvis Presley),

Ginger Baker (Cream), Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones),

David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), Anton Fig (Late Night with

David Letterman), Nigel Olsson (Elton John), Chad Smith

(The Red Hot Chili Peppers), and many more. Sticks 'n' Skins

is not only visually inspiring with its stunning photos, but

also preserves the legacy of the drumming community. Sure

to become a music lover's collector's item, this extraordinary

book offers fans young and old a new perspective on some

of the biggest names in music history.

The Psychology of Drumming by Chris Peacock

20 of the world's leading drummers share their secrets on

how to become a better performer. Featuring John JR Robinson, Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Jojo Mayer and many more...

In The Psychology Of Drumming you will discover how to

boost your confidence, improve concentration, overcome obstacles, reduce nervousness, enhance your creativity

and achieve your goals. Learn how to master your mind f

rom the masters themselves and reach

new heights of drumming excellence.

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